An old, gold-plated endoprosthesis of the knee joint. On the left, the femur cap is visible, while the right component is fitted into the tibia.
This prosthetic knee joint was ill-fitting and causing pain and discomfort for the patient, as well as being quite outdated. It was removed and replaced by a newer model composed of titanium, a tougher and sturdier material, which allowed for more stability and comfortable movement.

The prosthesis currently in place owes its lustrous appearance to the fact that it is plated with gold. This is not due to a need for surgically implanted swag, but rather for gold’s extreme resistance to corrosion, erosion and high biocompatibility which make it suitable for implants such as these. 

"this is not due to a need for surgically implanted swag.." i LOL so hard.


A horizontal skull fracture. The subject smacked their head against a tree as their vehicle slid to a stop against it.
For those of you who have always wondered what the inside of your skull looks like without a brain in it, now you know. The cranial fossa is actually quite interesting to examine.

Pretty darn cool

I started my day with an informative grand rounds at the burn center ( pediatric ward ).  What caught my interest was a newly admitted burn case of a 5 year-old female patient. She was sitting silently on a bed in the treatment room with teary red eyes waiting for her injured foot to be washed and cleaned. After finishing the round I couldn’t resist my curiosity, followed the chief resident inside the treatment room and asked him to explain what happened.  He said that yesterday night while the child was riding on a motorcycle with her uncle she came into contact with a hot surface ( the motorcycle exhaust ) and burnt her left foot.
Burn injuries are often talked about in terms of degrees.  According to my resident this case is a mix of 3rd and 4th degree injuries and to estimate the size of a burn we can use the “rule of nines”. Here it’s about 2% TBSA ( total body surface area ).
Plan:  1) Debridement ( the dead tissue in the burned area shall be removed surgically )  2) A skin graft is necessary
#Take home message: FOR GOD’S SAKE, 5 y/o children should not be allowed to ride as passengers on motorcycles.

I’m going to grand rounds for the first time tomorrow…

What are “grand rounds” and what am I supposed to do?

LadyKay's Guide to the IM Clerkship
LadyKay's Guide to the IM Clerkship


So I know I promised this AGES ago—but I just got to it. *Insert generic excuse about being a busy third year medical student here*.

But better late than never, eh??

This guide includes everything from an example of the schema I use to keep my own notes on my patients to…


"What’s your biggest dream?""To be the mother of a doctor, the mother of a minister, and the mother of an engineer."
(Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo)

Every single African mother’s dream.



Fact: if any non-med students see this over your shoulder, you’re gonna have to explain this joke.


All I wanna do is nap.

I need stamina. I have zeroooooo!

"They didn’t allow me to become a nurse because of my hijab. Thank you, I became a doctor instead" #BURN

Got my hospital access card! I just need a cute pully ID lanyard thingy…


"You must love the work, not the idea of being a doctor. Enjoy the training process and seeing and doing things for the first time - delivering a baby, doing your first lumbar puncture, holding the hand of someone when they are dying. It is the most amazing and rewarding work and the more you give, the more you receive. We are privileged."
Dr. Holly S. Andersen, Attending Cardiologist and Director of Education & Outreach at the Perelman Heart Institute at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center (via nymedshow)
Has anyone visited the site, Radiology Masterclass? I love this site so much. I love it when I can see a cute little illustration of a fracture (in my books) then I go to this site, review the descriptions, and check out the xrays. 
If anyone recommends any other online resources, please share!