Keep Studying and Get that MBBS!

I am working very hard at what I want in life to get away from where I don’t want to be.


“Keep studying and get that M.D.”

Still relevant. 

This is the meme by ZDoggMD that inspired my most recent post on Future M.D.… 

Chiropractors have to hold a Doctorate in Chiropratic to “practice” but they are NOT medical doctors.

Essentially, a chiropractor “prescribes” natural/homeopathic remedies. For example, some utilize a “Sarapin” injection for lower back pain management. I decided to read peer-reviewed medical journals regarding the benefits of “Sarapin”. Take a look for yourself at the papers on Sarapin on PubMed.

REMEMBER: my opinions are my own, I am not bashing chiropractors, and this should not be construed as medical advice! Speak to your physician.

Adventures in White Coat Culture: Who’s the Doctor?

There are numerous clinical practitioners and medical support staff in medical facilities: doctors, nurses, students, assistants, ecetera–-So, it is crucial that professionals identify who they are at all times. But when everyone is wearing a white coat, running around in groups, helping out wherever they can, and working as a team, there is opportunity for certain confusion. (Read More…)

"Your DNA test shows that you’re predisposed to sue doctors."

Remember books before iPads and tablets? They are still great.

Some more great physician authors: Ben Carson, MD • Oliver Sacks, MD • Keith Black, MD • Stephen Joseph Bergman, MD, PhD (Samuel Shem) • Katrina Firlik, MD

Honestly, this is actually sad! 😔 #womendoctors #womensurgeons #doctors #medicine #medhumor

Pediatricians! Sometimes, apart of me just melts when I think of how cool it would be to be a pediatrician. Then the other part of me thinks of projectile poop and vomit and the way babies flip out when you try to take a head circumference. 😤