I submitted my finest to the Med Handwriting Challenge!

I submitted my finest to the Med Handwriting Challenge hosted by Dr. Cranquis! This is what was requested:

Sample HPI Text:

24-year-old female presents to the emergency room with complaints of nausea and dizziness. She has been having “severe” upset stomach and nausea every morning for the past 2 weeks. When she stands up quickly, she gets lightheaded and feels like she is “gonna fall on my ass”; she also gets tunnel vision and her heart feels like it is “pounding super hard”. She has vomited a couple times, but there is no blood or bile, and she says “nothing much comes out because I can’t eat nothing.” She denies stomach pain but does feel bloated and gassy. Her urine has a strong odor and she has to pee “every 5 minutes”, but there is no burning when she urinates. Her last menstrual period was approximately 7 weeks ago; she is sexually-active and does not use any form of contraception; she has never been pregnant before; she has not done a home pregnancy test yet because “I thought the ER would have more accurate tests.” She denies headaches, diarrhea, constipation, fever, back pain, vaginal discharge, visual changes, or head injury. She has not tried anything for her symptoms, and nobody around her has been ill lately.

Ok, handwrite your version of this HPI (using any abbreviations/short-hand you wish; if you only want to write a portion of it, that’s fine too) and submit it to my Submit box (or post it tagged #med handwriting challenge).

And for bonus fun, also include a handwritten prescription for any medication you wish, and we’ll let people try to decipher it! Have fun!

yes, I’ll be posting my own hand-written versions myself.

Some people rewrote the entire HPI?…I think I missed something. Anyway, here is my shorthand:

…and my Fake Patient Prescription:

LMAOOOOOO! This is so awful. I used to get so much noise because of badly written PT notes. If I took my time it would take forever and then I would get complaints about being slow. Thank you for EMR’s (sometimes). -______-


And this is why it takes so long to decipher post op notes….

Guilty of the Teeny Tiny & Every 4th Word Legible. It’s a real upgrade from writing like a six year old. Trust.